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Arsenal, what to say! Revealing how much Man City has been called in exchange for releasing Arteta.



แทงบอลออนไลน์ according to The Mirror, the English media said Manchester City needs money from Arsenal up to 7 digits in exchange for giving Miguel Arteta to its new manager. By the board of "The Blues" are extremely furious that the other party secretly contacted Arteta first without contacting them at all.


Manchester City, a billionaire club of the English Premier League stage, will claim compensation from Arsenal for a 7-digit number, or at least 1 million pounds (about 38 million baht) in exchange for the other party to take. Miguel Arteta, assistant team manager "The Blues" is the new manager of the city, according to the Mirror's famous media reports for the city's elite.


Arteta was cited as a top priority. To be the new boss of Arsenal has always been since the "big guns" announced the separation with Uni Emery at the end of November. Not long ago, it was captured that Winai Bowen, Arsenal's chief executive and Hass Fahhmi. The negotiation of the contract of the famous team from London. Having left Arteta's house on the morning of Monday, December 16, to make it appear that the former Spanish midfielder has already talked about Emir's successor and has a high chance of getting Appointed to supervise Arsenal soon แทงบอลออนไลน์.


The Mirror said that Arsenal's agent did not contact Manchester City to negotiate about drawing Arteta to the team. But they went back to talk to Arteta themselves first, which made the Manchester City board of directors extremely angry. However, the man of the City did not prevent Arsenal from controlling Arsenal. Ta, in any way, will only ask for a large compensation as well.


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